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Pink Sugar

Why a kids-only dojo? Zenki has been in this location since the 90’s with the tradition of raising kids with the “bushido mindset” -- Respect, Benevolence, Sincerity, Courage, Honesty, Loyalty, and Self-Control.
Kids need to have their own creative environment to learn and play. Studies have shown that children thrive when they are having fun learning. We created ZenKIDS to be a very fun and safe environment.
But of course, it’s not just fun and games -- our instructors and coaches are all high level martial artists. Zenki only has certified coaches, black belts, and world class champions, so we can bring the same successful mindset to your children.
ZenKIDS martial arts program is taught by one of Royce Gracie’s black belts.


We teach the late master Helio Gracie’s Brazilian Jiu jitsu, designed for practical self-defense as well as overall physical fitness. We teach students strategies on dealing with confrontation, empowerment skills, and how to fight effectively--only if necessary--using Jiu jitsu techniques to control the situation, all encouraged through a positive, supportive teaching environment.
Our head of kids Muay Thai (kick-boxing) is also a world-renowned coach and champion. Your kids will be taught to have the same championship mindset along with having fun exercising.
ZenKIDS dojo has been designed for kids to have fun and enjoy their time here. We also have a jungle gym with a climbing wall to encourage kids to be active and to appreciate movement.

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